August 26, 2015

Tamr CEO on Making Sense of Siloed, Fragmented Data By FastCo.Works for HPE Matter

If information is power, then collating and analyzing big data must be a modern superpower. For countless organizations, data is fragmented—siloed to the degree that simply retrieving information is enormously expensive and time consuming, which makes productive use of the data a Herculean task.

Enter Tamr. Co-founded by Andy Palmer, a serial entrepreneur whose past startups include Vertica Systems and Infinity Pharmaceuticals, and Michael Stonebraker, an ACM A.M. Turing Award–winning MIT professor, Tamr (pronounced “tamer”) is a data unification platform designed to help enterprises use all relevant data—an astonishing prospect at a time when, according to Palmer, 90 percent of the data available to businesses is scattered throughout innumerable departments and divisions.

Tamr recently announced a $25.2 million funding round, including an investment from Hewlett Packard Ventures, to significantly grow sales and enhance its scalable data unification platform.

Palmer spoke with HPE Matter about the disconnect between consumer and enterprise technology, why top-down models for data retrieval and integration don’t work and the last major industry that is overdue for serious disruption. Check out the full article here.