April 26, 2021

Original article published on Forbes

Congratulations to DataRobot for being named in the 2021 Forbes AI 50 list.

DataRobot helps customers—whether seasoned data experts or coding novices—build their own machine learning predictive models. United Airlines, for example, used DataRobot’s software to predict which passengers might gate-check their bags, while the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers used its tools to help model estimates for season-ticket renewals. During the pandemic, DataRobot partnered with the federal government to identify and resolve gaps in Covid-19 information to provide visibility on hospital data such as ICU and ventilator supplies and bed shortages. “We also overhauled and improved forecasting models being used by decision-makers in vaccine clinical trials to accelerate the approval timelines,” says CEO Dan Wright, who took over the top role from Jeremy Achin in March.