April 3, 2018

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We are proud to announce the availability of Mesosphere DC/OS 1.11, which makes DC/OS an even better choice for deploying and operating all of your applications and data services with ease. This latest release adds three exciting new capabilities:

Seamless Edge and Multi-Cloud Operations - Unifying multiple cloud providers and private datacenters has been the holy grail for infrastructure and operations teams since the birth of cloud computing. Gartner estimates 9 in 10 enterprises will adopt Hybrid Infrastructure Management within two years. Enterprises want the flexibility to choose where to run their applications based on cost, speed to market, and security & compliance considerations. Distributing today’s applications and a growing set of data services across multiple infrastructures (including private and edge computing environments) helps guarantee quality of service and uptime. Bursting workloads to the cloud, disaster recovery across locations, and simplified management of edge compute and remote offices is now effortless with DC/OS as your unified control plane. DC/OS 1.11 allows you to pool public cloud, private datacenter, and edge compute resources into a single logical computer and intelligently schedule workloads anywhere from a unified user interface.

Production Kubernetes-as-a-Service - Development teams around the world are flocking to Kubernetes as their preferred platform for containerizing and deploying applications. But as an operator, your options for supporting these teams are less than ideal. Installing, operating, and upgrading Kubernetes on your own infrastructure can be challenging, and the loss of control and high cost of using cloud hosted container services can trump their convenience. DC/OS provides a third way: operations teams can deploy, scale, and upgrade pure Kubernetes for all of the teams in their organization with one click, and run their stateless applications alongside the stateful services that underpin them. Following a successful beta release of Kubernetes on DC/OS 1.10, during which the technology was tested by many users and customers, DC/OS 1.11 makes Kubernetes on DC/OS generally available.

Enhanced Data Security - Every company’s most valuable asset is its data. However, that data is also constantly under threat from bad actors around the world. To retain the trust of their customers, partners, and shareholders, every business needs to protect their data and applications. This latest DC/OS release adds multi-layer security features to help you secure your entire application stack.

Since our first release of Mesosphere DC/OS nearly 3 years ago, we have focused on automating the best practices of cloud-native infrastructure and operations, so that you can accelerate your time to market, eliminate mundane operational tasks, and reduce your costs. Our customers and user community rely on DC/OS to deliver data-intensive applications like personalization, IoT, and predictive analytics. Our latest release continues our mission of making cloud native tools and infrastructure easy to deploy and operate, so that you can focus on creating the next generation of applications that will help you and your company succeed.

With Mesosphere DC/OS 1.11, mainstream companies can deliver personalized and data-driven experiences with far less specialized expertise. They can focus on their customers, not their infrastructure.

You can sign up for our online demo to see DC/OS 1.11 in action. Ready to get started? Try DC/OS 1.11 for yourself today. DC/OS Enterprise users can upgrade here.

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